пятница, 26 ноября 2010 г.

I want to look like...........

I want to look like women in remote seventies: stylish, fresh and feminine! 
This elegant negligence certainly want to wear it! This was the time of independence: women started working, not sitting at home. In the seventies, they dressed in a concise and free things that you can move easily and not think that the trousers are sitting too close. In fashion were knitted dresses, intercepted on the waist strap, extra long straight coats, skirts, trapeze to the knee, neck, wide-brimmed hats.

But while the seventieth not always been so monotonous. Feminine style replaced negligence hippie style. Girls at that time wore long dresses with floral print, bell bottom pants, tunics, ethnic embroidery, sheepskin coats and fur jackets. 

And I want to look as beautiful as independently and as diverse!

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